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Once upon a time...

              A Buddhist Monk told his student that he asked the Universe what the meaning of life was. The monk then sat in lotus and began meditating. The student was curious. 
He waited a few moments then asked, 
"So what did the Universe tell you?"
"The Universe has it's own timing," the monk answers as he sits patiently waiting.
            The student becomes agitated and wonders how the monk can sit so still and continue to smile. Finally he leaves. 
            The next day the student comes back and finds the monk in the same place, seated and smiling. 
            "So, what's the answer?"
            "Sh, I'm listening."
            Weeks go by. 
             "Did you get the answer?"
             "No, because you keep distracting me!"

It is not until the student sits down beside him that the teacher has succeeded.

Enlightenment then, is not a final destination, but rather the way there. A way of being. An internal state.
At Enlightenly, we teach various ways to access this state through mindset training and spiritual growth training. 

Enlightenment is a peaceful state of being, accessible to anyone who is willing to work to remove the blocks and obstacles in between. This happens with a combination of expanding knowledge, and a release of expectations. For some, there is a clear path. For others, a life change, a restart, a renovation. Different spiritual stages require different approaches. This is where we come in. 


  " I believe the only way to make this world a more peaceful loving place is to start with yourself; to heal, love, accept, and empower yourself, and that by doing so, you will express your highest truth and inspire others to do the same."

- Natalie

Spiritual Teacher & Entrepreneur 

Let's Connect

Any comments, questions or suggestions can be emailed to me directly down below. If you're looking to book your free consultation please put consultation as your subject line and tell me a bit about what you hope to get out of this experience. Thank you!

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