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Magenta Lined Digital Notebook

Magenta Lined Digital Notebook

This notebook includes 7 different lined pages, perfect for both beginner and experienced writers.

  • If you feel you want to write less or don't have much time, choose the first page with 20 lines. 


    And if you feel like you have a lot to write about, choose the 35 lined page or higher! 


    If you want to challenge yourself, try the 50 lined page!


    With each page having more space to write, naturally the size of your writing will get smaller and you'll have to write more to fill the page. Remember you can zoom in to feel comfortable writing on either page.


    This notebook works perfectly for you if you have a goal of writing one page a day!


    Each notebook includes 

    • cover page
    • 20 lined page
    • 25 lined page
    • 30 lined page
    • 35 lined page
    • 40 lined page 
    • 45 lined page
    • 50 lined page
    • blank page


    Choose your writing level!

    And remember that it's perfectly okay to change up the amount you write on a daily basis or as needed.


    All that really matters is that you're making writing a habit!

  • Once purchased, you will receive an email with your PDF ready to download


    Simply open the PDF in any PDF editing app like Notability or Goodnotes and start writing!

GST/HST Included
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