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Consciously cultivate an abundance mindset on a daily basis. 


  • An Abundance Mindset is a daily practice. 


    Abundance is about being willing to see how much goodness there really is in our lives. It's about reframing our minds to believe that there is always more than enough. More than enough resources, opportunity, love, guidance, available to us. All we have to do is tune in.


    With the use of this journal, you'll start a journey of learning what it means to you to live with an abundance mindset on a daily basis.


  • With 3 questions to answer in the morning, and 3 questions to answer at night, this journal can take less than 10 minutes total to complete.


    Spending even a few minutes each day to reflect on how you can live with an abundance mindset will help you see more abundance in your everyday life.


    We recommend using this journal morning and night, every day for about a week. As your perspective on abundance changes you might find you need the journal less afterwards. 


    This journal was designed with both a morning page and an evening page that are separate. So if you feel you only have time in the morning for a quick journal session you can just use the morning page. 


    Conversely if you find you benefit more from doing this practice before bed you can just use the evening page. 


    Perfect for adding to a journal routine!

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