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Updated: Jul 16, 2020


What is Alignment

My definition of alignment is when you are fully aware of how you want to feel and what to do to feel that way. It requires a deep understand of where you’ve come from and where you are going. Being spiritually aligned means you know and feel at one with a Higher Power that created you intentionally, and acknowledging that you have chosen this carnation to achieve a certain state, goal, or experience.

Align with Who You Are

There is a part of you that has always existed and always will beyond this lifetime. You came from somewhere and you will go back to that same place when you leave earth. We all come from this Life Source. The term for this Energy is so interchangeable it’s easy to get confused on what it actually is. Some people refer to it as Love, Source Love, The Spirit, The Universe, God, Heaven. Feel free to replace whichever term with one that feels the most peaceful to you in this present moment.

We all come from Love. Which means that we were all created with Love and therefore have love within us. Your Creator (Love) created you in His image (love). Aligning with love is where everything feels heavenly. Aligning with Love means acceptance, understanding, tolerance, defenselessness, trust.

Align with Your Desires

We all want the same thing: to feel good. It's easy to get trapped in the fixed mindset of “when I have x, y and z, then I will be happy, fulfilled, at peace. When you set an intention every morning to feel good, not only do you attract good feelings to you, you are also sending a direct message to your body, thoughts and feelings that you are prioritizing feeling good. Throughout the day and as you deepen this practise, every thought will shift to good feeling thoughts. When you feel stuck you can say “that doesn’t make me feel good, I give myself permission to choose again. I choose love”

Feeling good is the path. It's the way there, the intent, the focus, and feeling good is the ultimate end goal. When we lead with our end goal in mind, it's easier to see the necessary steps to get there.

Your soul has traveled across the universe to be here in this time period at this moment on purpose. You came here because you want to do something, feel something, learn something, or experience something. Envisioning what exactly it is you want to come into fruition is the key to manifesting it.

By beginning with aligning with source love, we can understand how we were designed to feel, how we truly want to feel, and set more specific intentions from there.

Aligning with love is both the path and the goal.

When we align with love we open ourselves to an infinite source of information and guidance that is always available to us. Though aligning with love may feel like it takes a lot of work, it's more of a release than a manifestation (which is why it's so powerful for our manifesting success).

Self-growth comes from both the intentional release of what you are not and the deep understanding of your highest truth. Alignment is about allowing yourself to experience the love inside you in its purity, and the active and constant decision to release that which does not align with your truest desires.

Aligning with Love is where the magic happens. By aligning with love we choose to take advantage of all of the inner wisdom and support that is easily accessible to each of us.

Every Morning When You Wake Up

Set this intention. Write it in a journal. Write it out 10 times on a piece of paper. Write it on a post it note and attach it to your bathroom mirror. Or simply say to yourself as you go through your morning routine.

It helps to pair this with an action that you already know makes you feel good such as a morning run, a morning mediation, or morning journalling.

Try these exercises to deepen your understanding of Alignment

1. Meditate

Sit comfortable in a safe space. Light sage or use essential oil. Play calming music or chants. And focus on your exhales.

Breathe deeply and let go of all the air fully. Think of the word Release.

Release resistance, release judgment, release expectations.

And push the air out of your lungs.

I choose to feel good.

Take a deep inhale and imagine yourself filling up with yellow light.

If it feels good, try this exercises using meditation beads.

2. Release with Humour.

Find something that you truly thinks hilarious, a funny meme or video, or a funny moment in your life.


Im serious. Thats the exercise. Just laugh.


Laughing helps us release stagnant energy and truly helps us to heal what is not aligned.

What often happens is we unknowingly hold onto stagnant energies which is not aligned with feeling good. Feeling good is easy and it flows. Releasing the old energy and feelings makes room for the new good energy and feelings.

Its all about making being inside your body feel easy and light.

Use these Affirmations

It is my birthright to enjoy my life.

I am filled with light

Inner peace is always accessible to me.

I choose to lead with love in everything that I do.

I welcome spiritual alignment.

Whenever I feel stuck I know I can always choose again.

I make wise decisions for myself.

I want what’s best for me.

I am consistently and actively choosing the highest good for myself (and all)

Answer these Journal Prompts:

What is preventing me from feeling present in this moment?

What specifically is blocking me from feeling good?

If I can't feel my best, how can I focus on feeling better?

What makes me feel good?

How can I help others feel good?

What do I want that I can get by going within?


How can this post help you?

What can you learn from this?

How can you apply this information to make it work for you?

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