A Spiritual Perspective on Covid19

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Germ warfare. Bad People. Controlling Government. Isolation as a submission technique. These are the things people are talking about.

I don't know whats going on .. and that’s okay. I really don’t know why covid19 is here. I don't know what the Universe has in store. Having a spiritual relationship doesn’t mean having all the answers. I don't know whats going on .. and that’s okay. When the time is right I will learn what I need to know. If I don’t know, I don’t need to know and therefore it’s not what I should be focusing on.

What I do know is in times like this, I need to look inward to feel safe again. I need to remind myself that I can handle life’s challenges better with God beside me than without.

I know I need to stay close to Him and keep the faith because alignment is where the magic happens. Time with Him helps to clear my head and I need to be able to think straight moving forward. Time with Him is a moment in peace, unconditional love, and healing light. Time with Him is the ultimate goal: to love and be loved and spread love.

We are not being punished.

We don't need to fear God, He is not angry with us. We are not being punished. It is in our most vulnerable times when we turn to Him most. When we are hungry, when we are poor, when we are tired, helpless, we ask for help. How many people only pray when they’re in trouble? Only talk to God when they need something...

He wants a relationship with you. He wants to explain. He wants to show you something. He wants to teach you something. The path to God is inward. And God has taken our distractions away from us so He can talk to us.

We are all being forced to be alone so that we can understand we never are. With the noise of life gone, we hear His voice better.

We are being asked to tune inward to see Him.

As long as we lead from a place of togetherness, inclusivity, patience, understanding, love; we can conquer anything together.

For those who are struggling to find peace with their newly changed environment, take this as a lesson also. The lesson is acceptance. How can I make peace with the things I cannot control?

Use the following mantras to invoke a sense of acceptance and peace.

I accept my life.

Today I judge nothing.

I accept that the way things are is how they are supposed to be at this time even though I may not know why yet.

I don’t have any answers and that’s okay.

I choose to focus on the things I can control.

I choose to use this downtime to reflect inward.

I am patient and gentle with myself at this time.

I find peace within no matter what is going on around me.

I accept this moment and know only good can come from it.

I believe in the power of Goodness. I believe that Good Always Wins.

As I focus on the present moment I feel one with life.

The white light in me is everlasting.

I am the grace of God.

I am Goodness.

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