Chaos Inside

Updated: May 3, 2020

Some of this mental turmoil people may be experiencing could be caused by the fear of the discomfort or chaos inside of them right now. The world has changed seemingly overnight and energies and emotions are high at this time. Many people are feeling anxious. Everything is upside down. It might feel like you are standing on your head. Everyone’s safety has been compromised, questioned, and you could be absorbing some of others emotions.

I have dealt with a chaotic mind, many times, and many different ways and the answer is always to write.

Go in, go in deeper. Don’t run. Don’t turn back. Make friends with the uncomfortable. Fearing the fear is feeling it twice. We only feel fear when we don't understand. Writing helps us to understand ourselves on a deeper level.

Pack your backpack. Dress warm. Wear boots. And go into the dark forest. Feel your spirit guides following you, one on each shoulder. Know you can ask them to guide you. The more care you need the more you must surrender. You need to be in a constant state of learning. A student. Someone who is ready to face things, big scary things like wild complex emotions, because they know when it is time to ask for help.

Ask them to help you see the answers, the next step, the way out.

They cant help you if you don't admit to needing help.

I think all of us are very open and vulnerable in a spiritual way. Many of us may be questioning God, looking for him.

It’s important to remember that Universal Intelligence is always on your side, and only one full deep breath away.

Meditation: Create a safe space for yourself. Put your anxiety relieving belongings in a circle around you. Use sage or essential oil. Get comfortable Sit with your thoughts, let them come, let them be as spratic and irrational and nonsensical. Let yourself go for a run around your mind. Check every room of your house. Be prepared that the house is a mess. Open all the doors. Call a meeting. You have to go into the dark basement together. Holding hands. You have to start cleaning the house from the bottom up.

Feel the fear. Let it in; let it teach you. In hale. Exhale, let it go. Again. In hale, let it in. Hold, let it teach you. Exhale let it go. Again.

Picture the chaos inside you as a grey cloud of smoke, black even. Every inhale you are breathing in that gas, every exhale you are breathing it out. Eventually you will get to the end of the cloud. Eventually you will breathe the last of the smoke. Have faith that that breathe will come even if it doesn’t come today.

Write: How are your current thoughts: past present or future?

Are they one after the other, scattered, or slow?

Can you hear your thoughts?

Which thoughts are you choosing to entertain?

Which feelings are demanding to be dealt with?

What new emotions are you feeling that you have never felt before?

What is my current relationship with Pure Potential?

How can I surrender more?

What is preventing me from surrendering?

What are my spirit guides trying to tell me?

Begin a writing session with the sentence: I am ready to start feeling better.

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