Beginner's Guide to Moon Journalling

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Step One: Download a moon phase calendar or search it on google and write down the dates of each phase.

Step Two: get an old notebook and answer the following prompts


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"If the Moon controls the tides, and our bodies are over 70% water, it makes sense that we feel her effects too." - Gabriela Herstik

New Moon

The moon rotates around earth and the earth revolves around the sun. When the Sun is behind the moon, it creates a shadow. From earth we see this shadow on the moon. This is called the New Moon. The first phase of the lunar cycle symbolizes beginnings.

The new moon is the first page of a chapter, a new dawn, a blank canvas. Also known as the dark moon, She is in an internal state as she faces the darkness within.

This is a perfect time to set goals and intentions and to invite new energy and conscious change into your life. Use the following journal prompts to dive in:

  • What are my deepest desires?

  • How do I truly want to feel inside?

  • What kind of life do I want to give myself?

  • What tools & resources do i need to express myself fully?

  • What energy do I want to put forward this lunar cycle?

Waxing Crescent

Still in its initial phases, the moon emits energies of renewal and refocus. It’s time to refine your vision. Get more specific. Building on the last phase, the waxing crescent asks you to prepare to that your goals have the best environment to materialize.

  • How can I get even clearer on my intention?

  • How can I track my progress?

  • How will I know when I've succeeded?

  • How will I feel when I've succeeded?

  • What is my next step?

First Quarter

This is a time of action. Take the first initial step to your dreams. Be mindful about what success looks like to you and how you will feel when you get there.

  • What obstacles am I facing?

  • How can I overcome these obstacles?

  • How do I feel about the steps I've taken?

  • Where have I succeeded already?

  • What have I learned already?

Waxing Gibbous

Reflect on the progress you’ve made. You may have experienced some challenges in moving towards your dreams. It’s important to practice perseverance here. Using course corrective strategies, refocus and re-strategize.

  • What am I attracting?

  • What energy am I putting forth?

  • How can I further commit to my intention?

  • How can I practice resilience?

  • How can I make things easier for myself?

Full Moon

The Full Moon’s energy is potent. This is a time to analyze what is preventing you from shining your full light. Its a perfect time for co-creation and manifesting spells. Using clear intention that we’ve built in the beginning phase, its time to let yourself have what it is you truly want.

  • What is preventing me from shining fully?

  • What would my life look like if I let myself shine?

  • What makes me feel whole?

  • What makes me feel full?

  • What is becoming illuminated in my life?

Waning Gibbous

Its important to continue to be honest with yourself about how your feeling even if you don’t like how it feels. As you continue towards manifesting your intention, release any negative beliefs of why you can have it. Build faith that even if you didn’t get exactly what you want the way you want it, doesn’t mean you won’t be given all you need.

  • What am I worried about?

  • What am I afraid of?

  • What's weighing me down?

  • Whats preventing me from moving forward with confidence?

  • How can I practice faith?

Last Quarter

Self reflection! What has worked this lunar phase? What hasn’t? What habits have you instilled that served you? Inhibited you? Take this time to bring this phase into completion, tying up lose ends and preparing to move forward in a new lunar cycle.

  • What about my life feels out of place?

  • What misguided ambitions do I have?

  • What have I learned this cycle?

  • How can I use what I've learned to create the best outcome?

  • If I could go back to the beginning of this lunar cycle what would I tell myself?

Waning Crescent

Reflect deeper on this cycle and use what you’ve learned to set even more specific goals and intentions for the next lunar phase.

  • How has my life changed this cycle?

  • How has my mindset shifted?

  • Where have I felt peace?

  • Where did I feel success?

  • How can I move forward with intention?

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