5 Ways to Overcome Fear

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Fear is a powerful emotion.

It tells us when there’s potential danger in a situation and serves to protect us from feeling physical or emotional pain. Fear is evidence of a spiritual, mental or emotional blockage within ourselves. It’s often caused by spending too much time in future thought.

At any given time, our thoughts are either in the past, present, or future. Emotional pain in our past can cause us to run from it and want to live either in the present or the future. Resistance towards the past and the present put us in default in future thought.

We should only enter future thought mindfully: with past thought healed and present thought accepted. When we enter future thought with underlying emotional pain, we assume there will be more emotional pain in the future and get stuck on the worry wheel

The worry wheel might look like:

  • “what if I don’t get the job?”

  • “what if they’re talking about me?”

  • “what if my amazon package never comes?”

Worry means suffering twice.

The most common form of fear is worry, which is to anticipate problems that never end up happening. It’s to create false scenarios in your mind that show you where in life you have insecurites, fears, doubts, or where you feel unsafe.

Its important to note that when we think in worry, we attract more worry thought. And when we feel resistance to things going wrong in our lives, we attract these situations to us.

Sometimes when we feel a fear so strongly, the universe challenges us by presenting us with that exact fear for that is what’s going to evolve our soul at the time.

Its also important to understand that fear, worry and anxiety are not intuition. You cannot feel anxious and receive intuitive messages at the same time. Intuition is calm and quiet while anxiety is loud and shaky. I will talk about the difference between anxiety and intuition more in another post.

There are 5 Steps to Overcome Fear and Worry:


Have faith that everything is working out for the highest good for all. Believe that all the problems you may face in life already come with solutions.


Trust that He will guide you to make wise decisions when you face hardships. Trust that God will only give you situations He knows would be important for your soul’s evolutions


It’s okay to go through hard times. Have the courage that no matter what happens you can get through this.


Work backwards with your worry. What could possibly happen? Create a plan to carry out if it happens.


Believe in your ability to conquer anything. Believe that you can handle any challenges you may face.

There may always be something to worry about. Things might very well go horrible wrong. Whether we worry or not. So why not choose mindsets that allow for less worry and more peace?


Everything is working out in my favour

I trust in God to guide me.

I make wise decisions for myself.

I lead with love and understanding

I am confident in my ability to overcome.

Bad things can happen and I will survive.

I am a problem-solver

I am open to receiving answers and solutions

I believe I can be brave

I choose to face my problems and trust that I will be okay no matter what.

Ask yourself:

When was the last time something I worried about actually happened?

How did I handle this situation before?

How can I prepare so that I will feel confident to handle this situation if it happens again?

Is my fear really mine or is it something I've been taught to fear?

How can I practise acceptance in uncertain times?

What do I need right now for inner peace?

How can I lead myself to conquer?

What is preventing me from moving forward with confidence?

How can I lead with love?

What can I prayer for to help me through this difficult time?

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