5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

1 Build Self Awareness

Being aware of how you think and feel can bring about peace of mind. Sometimes all we need is to let ourselves know that we are being heard and seen. Learning ways to better understand yourself is the first step in self growth and development.

You can do this in two ways:

Take up a physical activity like yoga

Movement helps build body awareness. What you learn in your yoga practise, you can apply to your mental health.

Build a Mindfulness habit like meditating:

Give yourself time to think. Become aware of your thoughts and how it feels to be thinking them. With practise you can learn to teach yourself how to stop entertaining negative thought.

2 Learn More about Your Emotional Health

Emotions affect our mental health when we don't yet know how to process complex feelings. Sitting with your emotions can be hard at first. When you work to understand your emotions instead of trying to change them, your mental health will thank you.

Try This:

write down a list of emotions you've been feeling recently

research to understand more about the emotion

brainstorm ways to help heal this emotion

write about your experience with this emotion

3 Change the way you talk to yourself

You will never talk to anyone as much as you talk to yourself in your head.

It's important to be mindful about the language we use when conversing with ourselves in our minds. Negative self-talk contributes to poor mental health. When you're going through a hard time, you need encouragement and you may not always be able to rely on other people to give that to you.

Use Affirmations to change the way you talk to yourself:

I can do this

I know I am enough

I am loved

I am cared for

I am always choosing whats best for me

I can handle any challenges I may face

I am capable

I believe in myself

I trust myself and the decisions that I make

I am doing the best I can with what I know

I have the power to make positive changes in my life.

4 Live with Intention

Another way to improve your mental health is to change what you put your attention and focus on. To live with intention means to know specifically how you want to feel and make it a priority to do things that help you feel this way.

Every morning set an intention for the day. You can pick a habit you want to focus on: mindfulness; or an emotion you want to feel: joy; or even a skill you want to build on that day: self reliance.

Remember that there's nothing to really "achieve" here, but rather an inner state that we are allowing ourselves to move into. Setting intentions is a daily spiritual practise. You will get more out of this if you keep up with it on a regular basis and jot down notes in a journal.

5 Continue on the Journey of Self-Growth & Development

Reading this post means you want to learn more about feeling better and creating a better life for yourself. Having goals and things to look forward to and accomplish can greatly improve your mental health. Cultivating a forward or solution based thinking will help you tend to your mental health too.

Keep learning and exploring new ways to help yourself and give yourself time to learn and implement these strategies. Reminding yourself to always come back to this learning state will also teach you not to expect yourself to already have all the answers. It is more than okay to not know.

  • Use online mental health resources (like this blog)

  • Reach out to a professional for help

  • Read about what other people have done to improve their mental health and adapt strategies that apply to you.

Mental Health Journalling Challenge

Download this worksheet to improve your mental health in just 7 days

The Challenge

  • Download the worksheet

  • Print it out OR use a PDF editing app (Goodnotes or notability) and and ipad and apple pencil to write your answers.

  • Do this everyday for a week. If you miss a day dont worry: do it every morning for a total of seven days.

  • After seven days come back to this page to write comments on what youve learned and start a conversation with others

  • OR email me directly to tell me about your experience or to ask any questions.

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