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Ready to master your inner world?

Our job is to help you on your path to inner peace and healing. We teach you how to use journaling and writing as a tool to propel you on your spiritual path. Through writing practice and guided journals, we help you connect to yourself on a soul level.



Giving you the necessary tools to thrive

Our mission is to teach others how to write and journal in a way that guides them towards inner peace. Life can be challenging and writing can help us navigate through hard times. It is important to us to give you this effective tool so that you can use writing as a lifelong skill that you can come back to whenever you need a mindset shift.


The meaning behind Enlightenly

The suffix -ly is used to turn a noun into an adjective or adverb. For example, She moves slow-ly. It gives the noun a meaning of doing things in a certain manner or to a certain degree. 
At Enlightenly, we believe in living life in a way that brings light to every situation. 

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment means to awaken or become aware of.
As we write, we become more aware of our inner being and learn things about life and about ourselves that makes us feel lighter. 

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow Work is the process of using writing to bring up heavy or dark emotions so that they can be healed and processed in a healthy way, resulting in your soul feeling lighter. 

Interested in learning more?

Book an appointment with one of our writing coaches!

Remember that the first consultation is always free as we explore how hiring a writing coach can help you transform your life internally.


Journaling is so effective and necessary  on a healing journey, but it can be frustrating when every journal you find is about being more productive. It's time to use your journal in a way that allows you to spend more time with your soul.


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Est. 2021

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